World Highest Paid Actors Of 2019- National Award-winning actor Akshay Kumar has made it to the fourth place in Forbes magazine’s list of world’s highest performance 2019. According to’s list, Akshay has earned $ 65 million. Hollywood star Dwayne ‘Rock’ Johnson topped Forbes’ list of the 10 highest-paid actors, collecting $ 89.4 million between June 1, 2018, and June 1, 2019.

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth finished second with $ 76.4 million – one of several actors in Marvel’s superhero universe.

The time period from June 2018 to June 2019 has also been included in this list, during which Avengers: Endgame’s highest-grossing films of all time were also released.

The Thor star is followed by the majority of the Avengers stars – Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. at number three, Bradley Cooper at sixth, Captain America Chris Evans at eighth and Ant-Man Paul Rudd at ninth. The others are Jackie Chan, Adam Sandler, and Will Smith.

World Highest Paid Actors Of 2019


1. Dwayne Johnson ($89.4 million)

2. Chris Hemsworth ($76.4 million)

3. Robert Downey Jr. ($66 million)

4. Akshay Kumar ($65 million)

5. Jackie Chan($58 million)

6. Bradley Cooper ($57 million)

7. Adam Sandler($57 million)

8. Chris Evans($43.5 million)

9. Paul Rudd($41 million)

10. Will Smith ($35 million)

World Highest Paid Actors Of 2019


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