After losing the Lok Sabha election on the Congress ticket, India’s professional boxer Vijender Singh has continued his winning streak in the ring. Vijender, who was away from the ring for a year, destroyed the challenge of America’s Mike Snyder on Sunday morning.

Vijender ousted Mike Snyder in the 8-round Super-Middleweight Championship in Newark (New Jersey). WBO Oriental and Asia-Pacific Super Middleweight champion Vijender have not been able to beat anyone in professional boxing till now.

Vijender has played 11 competitions in his pro-boxing career so far and has won all, in which he has won in 8 matches in the knockout. Vijender has said that he wants to focus on his boxing career and want to improve it. He will keep himself busy and prepare for the world title.

Vijender’s invincible journey in pro-boxing

  • 1. October 10, 2015, Manchester (UK): Sony Viting Knock Out of the UK
  • 2. November 7, 2015, Dublin (Ireland): Dean Gilhenko out of the UK.
  • 3. December 19, 2015, Manchester (UK): Siemate Hosienov of Bulgaria pulled out.
  • 4. March 12, 2016, Liverpool (UK): Hungary’s Alexandra Hurworth to be excluded.
  • 5. April 30, 2016, London (UK): Knock out Matis Roar of France.
  • 6. May 13, 2016, Bolton (UK): Out of Andre Sandra of Poland.
  • 7. 16 July 2016, New Delhi: Won the WBO Asia Pacific Super Middleweight title, defeating Australia’s Carey Hope (Nineteen Decision, 10 rounds).
  • 8. December 17, 2016, New Delhi: Knocked by Francis Cheka of Tanzania. WBO retained Asia Pacific Super Middleweight title.
  • 9. August 5, 2017, Mumbai: China defeated Zulfikar Mametili (Nineteenth Decision, 10 rounds), retained the WBO Asia Pacific Super Middleweight title and became the WBO Oriental Super Middleweight Champion.
  • 10. December 23, 2017, Jaipur: Defending your WBO Oriental and Asia Pacific Super Middleweight title, defending African champion Ernst Amjou (Unimas Decision, 10 rounds).
  • 11. July 14, 2019, New Jersey: America defeated Mike Snyder


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