In today’s world, every human being has been confined to two things. The person has become so busy in the work of home and office that diseases such as stress, depression, trouble breathing and weakness begin to surround you, and as always you ignore it.

This is due to the lack of iron in the body gradually. Especially if you are a woman, you may have serious problems with iron deficiency. It is extremely important to have the right amount of iron in the body.

A team of international scientists at Imperial College London discovered that Iron has the highest role in more than 900 diseases. Not only that, high levels of iron decreases the risk of cholesterol.

Tell you that iron deficiency leads to a variety of dangers in the body, including the slowest blood flow, the risk of blood clot formation, stroke and bacterial skin infections.

Dr. Dipendra Gill, the principal researcher for the research of the Imperial School of Public Health, said, “Iron is an important body of the body and it is necessary to maintain all four oxygen in the body. Doctors say that due to low iron content, there may be neemia.

But, having too much can lead to liver damage. If you look at iron found naturally in the body, you can start taking iron supplements to meet its iron deficiency. Please consult your doctor before taking iron supplements.


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