The Informer CastThe Informer is an upcoming British action crime thriller film directed by Andrea Di Stefano and written by Matt Cook, based on the novel. The Informer movie released on 16 august 2019 in India.

The Informer- Recruited by the FBI, ex-con and former special operations soldier Pete Koslow uses his covert skills to try and take down the General — the most powerful crime boss in New York. When a sting results in the death of an undercover cop, Pete suddenly finds himself caught in the crossfire between the mob and the FBI. Forced to return to prison, Koslow must now come up with a plan to escape from the clutches of the law and the General to save himself and his family.

Gypo Nolan (Victor McLaglen) is a former Irish Republican Army man who drowns his sorrows in the bottle. He’s desperate to escape his bleak Dublin life and start over in America with his girlfriend (Margot Grahame). So when British authorities advertise a reward for information about his best friend, current IRA member Frankie (Wallace Ford), Gypo cooperates. Now Gypo can buy two tickets on a boat bound for the States, but can he escape the overwhelming guilt he feels for betraying his buddy?

The Informer Cast


Ana de Armas Ana de Armas Sofia Hoffman
Rosamund Pike Rosamund Pike Wilcox
Joel Kinnaman Joel Kinnaman Pete Koslow
Clive Owen Clive Owen Montgomery
Common Common Grens
Arturo Castro Arturo Castro Daniel Gomez
Ruth Bradley Ruth Bradley
Sam Spruell Sam Spruell Slewitt
Martin McCann Martin McCann Riley
Jenna Willis Jenna Willis Nadia
Karma Meyer Karma Meyer Anna Koslow
Eugene Lipinski Eugene Lipinski Klimek
Alex Ziwak Alex Ziwak Polish Gangster
Gene Gabriel Gene Gabriel Fire Chief
Nasir Jama Nasir Jama Peter’s Detail
Dilyana Bouklieva Dilyana Bouklieva Nurse
Roy Beck Roy Beck FBI Director
Carlo Sciortino Carlo Sciortino Pete Body Double
Mateusz Kosciukiewicz Mateusz Kosciukiewicz Stazek
Edwin De La Renta Edwin De La Renta Smiley Phelps
Jorge Leon Martinez Jorge Leon Martinez Prison Guard
John D. Hickman John D. Hickman Detective Godfrey
Aylam Orian Aylam Orian Andrzej Dziedzic
Scott Anderson Scott Anderson Ray Barnes
Tommy McInnis Tommy McInnis Paramedic 2
Preston Sadleir Preston Sadleir Detective Lane
James Merrill James Merrill Carlito
Peter Parker Mensah Peter Parker Mensah Corrections Officer Franklin
Rich Lawton Rich Lawton Corrections officer Sullivan
Joanna Kaczynska Joanna Kaczynska Beata Klimek
Kenny-Lee Mbanefo Kenny-Lee Mbanefo Prison Inmate
Jermaine Allen Jermaine Allen Pete’s Detail
Tony Mardon Tony Mardon Polish Mafia
Kian Hunt Kian Hunt Crip Gang / Johnie
Joss Carter Joss Carter Aryan Brotherhood Prisoner
Tom Bruno Tom Bruno Suburban Driver
Valeria Vereau Valeria Vereau Valentina Gomez
Daniel Duru Daniel Duru Rufus Friend
Miroslaw Haniszewski Miroslaw Haniszewski Prosky
Peter Coe Peter Coe Aryan Brotherhood Prisoner
Scott Martin Scott Martin Bouncer
Alphonso Austin Alphonso Austin Carlos
Emanuel Coelho Emanuel Coelho NYPD Officer
Kenneth Carrella Kenneth Carrella Fire Lieutenant
Lena Kaminsky Lena Kaminsky OPR Agent
Charles Mnene Charles Mnene Midas Jones
Srbo Markovic Srbo Markovic Nowak
Ignacy Rybarczyk Ignacy Rybarczyk Kalash
George Ikamba George Ikamba Officer Grant
Vince Taylor Vince Taylor FBI Director
Abdul-Ahad Patel Abdul-Ahad Patel Vermin
Francesco Rochira Francesco Rochira Latin Kings Prisoner
James Travis James Travis Polish Prisoner
Jamie-lee Lyons Jamie-lee Lyons Polish Gang Member
Tom Stocker Tom Stocker Aryan Brotherhood
Scott Mahoney Scott Mahoney NYPD Detective
Robin A Townsend Robin A Townsend Polish Gang Member
Jim Hughes Jim Hughes Aryan Brotherhood Prisoner
James Oliver Dean James Oliver Dean Aryan Brotherhood
Raid Matwi Raid Matwi Polish Prisoner
Price Keifer Price Keifer Petes Detail
Dan Jones Dan Jones Pete’s Detail in Aryan Brotherhood
Kamara Benjamin Barnett Kamara Benjamin Barnett Pete’s Detail / Blood gang (uncredited)
Graeme Peacock Graeme Peacock Polish Prisoner (uncredited)
David Sullivan David Sullivan Neighbour (uncredited)
Daniel Joseph Woolf Daniel Joseph Woolf Correctional Officer (uncredited)


The Informer Cast


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