SBI Yono App Not Working- State Bank of India’s online transaction portals has been down from Monday (July 22) in the morning. Users have been unable to use online portal including Net Banking Portal of the bank. The YONO app for the smartphone is also down. There is still to be a statement about the disruption of bank services.

SBI customers go to Twitter to notify the bank. YONO app users are unable to access their accounts. If the user tries to repeat log-ins, the app increases the waiting period. Web pages of online net banking services are also not loaded.

The bank has the largest customer base, dependent on SBI’s internet-based banking services. Many customers have resorted to social media to complain about this issue.

SBI’s Twitter account is filled with complaints by the user.

From payment of credit card bills to deposits of fees, Twitter users have been tweeting their complaints to SBI.

An SBI user Vinod Chauhan wrote, “Why SBI Online system is not working, it is below 7-8 hours. Is anyone working to fix this issue (National Bank system)? And when will this be resolved? ” “Another user named Gaurav wrote,” The SBI collect website is not open from the morning, which is causing us serious problems. Please take some action as soon as possible. ”

Another user, Pushpendra Sukralia, says, “Please check online sbi collect page, it is not working. I need to deposit my son’s fees.” “SBI is not opening an online banking site. We can not expect this from a bank like SBI. Now PPL can not even do online banking ..”, a user said.

So far, SBI has not released an official statement about blackout of its services on a large scale. Until the problem is resolved, it is advisable that SBI customers should avoid paying online during this period.


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