Russia successfully launches its SOEZ -2.1A carrier rocket with Hydromatological Satellite and 32 Small Satellites on Friday.

Moscow: Russia successfully launched its Soyuz -2.1A carrier rocket with Hydrometeorological Satellite and 32 smaller satellites on Friday. Russian State Space Corporation Roscosmos said in a statement that the rocket from Vostochney Spaceport was left at 8.14 (local time) in the remote eastern Amur area. Roscommosmos said in a live broadcast that Russia’s Meteor-Mn.2-2 Hydrometeorological Satellite was successfully placed in a target square with an elevation of 832 kilometers.

The satellite will be able to provide images of the clouds, the Earth’s surface, the sky, infrared and microwave categories will be able to tell details of snow and ice cover. According to the News Agency Xinhua, it can obtain data to determine the temperature and humidity level of the ocean layer along with the ozone layer, which will help improve the accuracy of weather forecasts.

Roscosmos said that most of these were from Germany, France, America, Israel, Britain, Sweden, Finland, Thailand, Ecuador, Czech Republic, and Estonia. Three satellites were developed by the students of the Russian University and its purpose was to solve problems of space weather research and to monitor the movement of civilian aircraft.


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