In Israel, the general election is to be held again on September 17. For this, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has discovered a unique way of preaching. In the name of the friendship of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he is seeking votes in the people of Israel in his favor. For this, he has been involved in campaigning for PM Modi and hoarding buildings of his own photograph.

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Such hoardings have become the center of attraction of people. Apart from this, Benjamin Netanyahu has also introduced US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin to promote hoardings of their photographs. Through this, Netanyahu is showing the strongness of the relations of his country with the leaders of the world in Israel. Economic, military and strategic relations between India and Israel have been strengthened in recent years.

Let Netanyahu record a fifth win for the fifth time in the election held on April 9, but he failed to combine due to a deadlock over a military bill. After which the Israeli MPs voted in favor of dissolving Parliament by taking unprecedented steps. After this, it was announced on September 17 that the general elections would be held again.

Netanyahu is currently facing difficulties in dealing with corruption and demands for his resignation are also being done. The Prime Minister has denied the allegations leveled by him and said he was politically motivated.

It is worth mentioning that Netanyahu will be on a tour of India before the general elections on 9th September. Their visit is proposed before the general elections held in Israel. During this time he will meet PM Narendra Modi


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