Modi In Hisar | Haryana Election | Modi Rally in Hisar- Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a huge rally in Hisar district in view of the Haryana assembly elections 2019. Earlier, PM Modi held an election rally at Gohana in Sonepat. PM Modi fiercely attacked the opposition leaders of Congress, Pakistan, and Haryana from the stage. In the last five years, the work of the Haryana government and its government has been counted.

PM Modi said that Haryana has given me education, consciousness, and energy. This time, we all got your blessings in the Lok Sabha elections. The people of Haryana had decided that Modi has to fill the bag and now I have come back among you and bow my head for that love, for your blessings. The blessings you have bestowed on the BJP and me are overwhelming.

Modi said that people are still visible as far as the eye is reaching. This love cannot be felt by sitting in an air conditioner in Delhi. Not only Hisar, the entire Haryana once again stands in favor of the BJP government.

I am not saying this to anyone but heard. I am not reading the newspaper and survey report. I am saying on the basis of my experience, who saw with eyes, which touched the heart. I am feeling him and saying This time Haryana is going to break all the election results so far. Haryana is the second home for me. I have full rights for Haryana.
For five years you had the opportunity to serve in Delhi and in Haryana. Now the government of the double engine will serve you. That is why I have come to Hisar today.
You know what is the solution of the Congress. Right now one of his videos is going viral. The Congress leader is showing his eyes to the leader of Haryana in Parliament. Will Haryana tolerate such insult? It was clear in his talk that if we are able to take 10-15 seats, it is enough.

These are his words. Those who have left the field have lost. These people cannot cross the boat of Haryana. JJP’s scope, on the other hand, is limited. Their ideology is also slowly shrinking.
Brothers and sisters from Haryana have taken up the task of saving the daughter. If the right government is found, the people of Haryana walk shoulder to shoulder. The world’s largest scheme, Ayushman Yojana, also started from Haryana, which today became the support of poor families across the country. If this plan had not happened, 50 lakh poor families would have been waiting for death or would have taken a loan. But the scheme gave hope to the poor to live again.

The BJP gave Haryana a clean and stable government in five years. The BJP has acted with social harmony. Instead of discriminating on the basis of caste, community, BJP gave the mantra of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas. The development that the BJP has made is visible in the house of the poor here. Appears in farmers’ fields and barns.
BJP’s development is also visible on the faces of the youth who got an education in skill development. Haryana was devastated by expenditures and slips. The entire game ran on it. The BJP government put a complete lock on this plan. The work the BJP government has done is visible in every deprived, exploited house.

Hisar gave Haryana a stable government. There were chief ministers and ministers from here. Whenever I met the farmers of Hisar, they always talked about water. The water of the rights of India, which belonged to Hisar, but there were governments in Delhi that the water has been going to Pakistan and our farmer was sweating. Tell whether such people have the right to ask for votes in Haryana. I have also drunk Haryana water. I decided to show it only once. I say in Hisar. Your rights will no longer go to Pakistan.

Today Hisar is going to be the major hub of the country’s aviation sector. The train is running between Delhi and Hisar. A six-lane expressway is proposed. In the coming time, the development of Haryana will be further accelerated. I paid the debt of the brave mothers of Haryana. The young man born from the womb of Haryana’s mother spends his life for the tricolor.

In order to protect the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir, the Haryana soldier sacrificed his life. By removing Article 370, I paid a true tribute to my brave soldiers. We sacrificed Article 370 in front of the soldiers.


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