One of the busted announcements during Marvel’s Hall H presentation tonight at the San Diego Comic-Con was that the studio would be rebooting the blade, in which True Detective and Luke Cage actor Mahershala Ali will star.

The character was one of Marvel’s superheroes, which became a notable hit in the form of a film: Blade was released in 1998, in which Wesley Snape starred as the Titular Vampire Hunter, a role he played in Blade II To start again, and for Blade in 2004: Trinity. Marvel recovered the rights of the character along with the rights of Ghost Rider and Punisher in 2013. Marvel was brought to Ghost Rider (a pair of films starring Nicholas Cage), and Punish (one and two films), along with Daredevil for the agents of agents SHIELD, and its Netflix superhero franchisee respectively.

When we see the blade back in action, neither does it release any additional details about it nor what form – at this time it can be either a series for Disney + or feature film. There are definitely enough opportunities for both in the coming years.

Character Eric Brooks was born, and half-human, half a vampire. He first appeared in the comic of The Dracula # 10 in the Tomb of 1973, and after saving a person from the vampire, he changed them to hunt.

There is something that the studio will need to find at some point that how the role of Ali in the form of a blade and Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes is to reconcile, which is from the Luc Cage series of Netflix, which The relationship between technically Marvel Cinematic Universe (though very few) is among the franchises. For this, he was also the voice of Uncle Aaron of Miles Morales in Sony’s Spider-Man: Spider-verse. He is definitely no stranger to superheroes.


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