Kajal, who has been working in the industry for 12 years, is still making films. This year Kajal was the first to hit the audience with Sita. The film, which was launched by Teja, is a rage. Now, though, Morrow is coming up with two films. Morrow is the only two films to be released in a single day. Kajal, who has acted in 50 films, will go on to Target 75. Kajal will be starring in Sudheer Verma’s upcoming film ‘Ranrangam‘.

The film is slated for release on August 15. The heroine of the film is Kalyani Priyadarshan Moro. Expectations are huge for the film, which is set in the Mafia setting. Kajal will play the role of a doctor in the film. Kajal will also be seen in the film along with Tollywood starring Tamil Nadu Jayam Ravi. The film is also slated for release on August 15.

Kajal says he is happy that both films are coming out in one day. August 15 is a key day for a career. Kajal, who is now posing with a couple of heroes, is looking forward to hitting the two films with his craze. Kajal Joru is now well beyond the age of 30.


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