Former South African batsman Jonty Rhodes has applied for the position of fielding coach of the Indian cricket team. She is one of the most high profile applicants to apply for this position. Jonty Rhodes is very much loved by India and they often come here. He also named his daughter ‘India’. Jonty Rhodes is called the best time-teller of all time.

Love from India

Jonty Rhodes confirmed from a website, “I have applied for the post of Fielding Coach of India. My wife and I love this country and this country has already given me so much. Our two children have been born in India. ‘ Jonty Rhodes is the best fielder of his time. In the 1992 World Cup, former Pakistan captain Inzamam-ul-Haq was one of the best moments of his career.

Mumbai Indians coach

This 49-year-old South African cricketer has been the Fielding Coach of Mumbai Indians in the IPL. The BCCI has sought applications for various coach positions, including the post of chief coach, batting coach, bowling coach, and fielding coach. The deadline to apply is July 30. R Sridhar is the current fielding coach of India, whose contract has been extended for 45 days by the end of the West Indies tour.


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