Ganesh Chaturthi Essay 2019

The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is much awaited, significant and cheerful celebrations for the Indians. This 10 days festival celebration of Lord Ganesha’s birthday is specially celebrated by the people of Maharashtra in India. It is one of the cheerful and auspicious festivals of India that is celebrated with great devotion and enthusiasm. In fact, prior to the celebration students are given many assignments to write essays on Ganesh Chaturthi festival. So here are some options for essays to choose from.

Ganesh Chaturthi Essay 2019 (50 words)

Ganesh Chaturthi, the auspicious Indian festival marks the celebration of Lord Ganesha’s Birthday. It is celebrated for 10 days especially by the people of Maharashtra. It is one of the biggest Indian festival celebrations that are celebrated with great devotion and enthusiasm. This year, people of India will celebrate this holy festival on 2nd September 2019.

Ganesh Chaturthi Essay 2019 (100 words)

Ganesha Chaturthi is the 10 days festival celebration that is celebrated by the people of India. This auspicious Indian festival marks the celebration of Lord Ganesha’s birthday. People especially in the state of Maharashtra, celebrate this cheerful, auspicious and significant festival with great enthusiasm. People welcome a clay idol of Lord Ganesha at home with a cheerful and colorful parade. For complete 10 days, people worship Lord Ganesha with devotion. It is being believed that prayers made during Ganesh Chaturthi s always answered. After 10 days the clay idols of Lord Ganesha is submerged in Holy River or sea which symbolizes Lord Ganesha’s abode to heaven. This year, Indians will be celebrating this cheerful festival on 2nd September 2019.

Ganesh Chaturthi Essay 2019 (300 WORDS)

Ganesh Chaturthi is the most popular festival in India. It is celebrated every year with great enthusiasm by the people of the Hindu religion. Children love too much to the Lord Ganesha and worship him to get blessings of wisdom and prosperity. People start preparation of the puja a month or week before the exact date of the festival. During this festive season, the market becomes in a full swing. Everywhere shops are decorated with the attractive idols of Ganesha and electric lightings in order to increase sales of the idol to the public.

Devotees bring Lord Ganesha to their home and perform idol installation with full devotion. It is believed in the Hindu religion that when Ganesha comes to home brings lots of wisdom, prosperity, and happiness to the home however when go back after 10 days take away all the problems and obstacles with him. Lord Ganesha loves children too much and called a friend Ganesha by them. Group of people prepares pandal to worship Ganesha. They decorate pandal with flowers and lightings to make attractive. Many people from nearby areas come daily to the pandal to offer prayer and offerings to God. They offer many things and especially Modak as He loves it too much.

It is celebrated in the month of August or September for 10 days. Ganesh Chaturthi puja involves two important processes; one is idol installation and second is idol immersion (also called as Ganesh Visarjan). There is a ritual in Hindu religion to perform Pranapratishhtha Pooja (to call God for His holy presence into the idol) and Shhodashopachara (perform worship using sixteen ways to honor the God). There is a ritual of an offering of Durva grass and Modak, jaggery, coconut, red flowers, red Chandan, and camphor while worshiping for ten days. A huge crowd of people involves happily in the Ganesha Visarjan at the end of the puja.

Ganesh Chaturthi Essay 2019 (400 WORDS)

People worship God Ganesha (Vigneshwara) while celebrating the Ganesh Chaturthi. Ganesha is a most popular deity in the Hinduism Who is worshipped by each member of the family. He is worshipped by the people always before starting any new work in any field. This festival is specially celebrated in the state of Maharashtra however nowadays started celebrating in almost all states. It is a most important festival of Hindu religion. People worship the God of knowledge and prosperity on Ganesha Chaturthi with full devotion and faith.

People belief that Ganesha comes every year with lots of happiness and prosperity and goes after removing all the sufferings. Devotees do a variety of preparations at this festival to make Ganesha happy. This is celebrated as the birth anniversary of the Ganesha to welcome and honor Him. This festival starts on Chaturthi in the Shukla Paksha in the month of Bhadrapada (August or September) and ends on 11th day on Anant Chaturdashi. Worshipping Ganesha is of great importance in Hinduism. It is believed that one who worships Him with complete devotion and faith would be blessed with happiness, knowledge, wealth and long life.

People take bath in the early morning on the day of Ganesha Chaturthi, wear clean clothes and worship God. They offer many things and pray to God by chanting mantras, aarti song, and devotional songs and perform other rituals of Hindu religion. Earlier, this festival was celebrated only in some families. Later it was started celebrating as a festival with the ritual of idol installation and idol immersion to make a big occasion as well as get free from sufferings. It was started as a festival by the Lokmanya Tilak (a social reformer, Indian nationalist and freedom fighter) in 1893. At that time he made a ritual of worshipping Ganesha to protect Indians against British rule.

Nowadays, Ganesha Chaturthi is observed as a National Festival to remove the inequality among people of Brahmins and non-Brahmins. Lord Ganesha is known by various names some of are like Ekadanta, God of limitless powers, Heramba (obstacles remover), Lambodara, Vinayaka, God of Gods, God of wisdom, God of wealth and prosperity and many more. People see off the Ganesha on 11th day (Anant Chaturdashi) with complete Hindu ritual of Ganesha Visarjan. They pray to God to come back again in next year with lots of blessings.


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