Elon Musk Wants To Bomb Mars With Nuclear Strikes- Some call him Tony Stark in real life, while others refer to his cynical social media updates. Elon Musk is a man who divides ideas.

Yet he is an entrepreneur who sits on the cusp of transformative technological change that can change the way we live, and the key among all is to colonize Mars to save humanity.

Part genius, part eccentric visionary refused to give up another controversial idea of ​​his – to bomb Mars with nuclear weapons.

That’s right, Elon Musk believes that if humans ever get a chance to colonize the planet and live on Earth in the same way as we do.

And just to prove his point, how serious Elon Musk is about Mars has even gone ahead and designed a line of ‘Nuke Mars’ T-shirts that you can buy if you want.

The whole thing sounds like bonnet at et cetera, but that’s essentially how Elon Musk likes to roll?

Why does Elon Musk want to travel to Mars?

This stems from the idea that Musk claimed a few years ago that since the atmosphere of Mars is so thin – practically, non-existent – it would be ridiculously difficult for humanity to set foot on red when Till we do not do this. Do something dramatic for the planet.

According to Elon Musk, it is somewhat dramatic – the separation of Mars. very. So much so that it generates a lot of gases to release gases – especially carbon dioxide – from Mars ‘polar region, which will accelerate Mars’ terraforming process, making its atmosphere denser and just for humans. It will be easy to enable. To be in the future.

The idea may sound neat, but there is a major problem with this hypothesis. Many scientists and experts have coined the idea of ​​Elon Musk as a ‘nuke mars’ to make it suitable for human settlement of the planet. No nuclear explosion will leave enough gas for us to make Earth-like Mars. Furthermore, we do not know the effect of radiation.

But despite all the odds or evidence, Elon Musk still wants Nuke Mars – or at least sells some T-shirts in the process. Or maybe both.


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