Diwali Wishes 2019

Diwali Wishes 2019- Diwali, the festival of lights, is actually the most awaited festival in India. People welcome the festival with enthusiasm in every nook and corner of the country. This amazing festival is a five-day festival. On the third day of the festival, the major rituals of the Diwali festival occur. The lighting of diyas and candles around the house, worshiping Lakshmi Ganesh for the attainment of health and wealth and bursting of firecrackers are the main rituals of the festival.

Also, these days the exchange of hearty gifts during Diwali has become an essential part of the celebration. Friends, family, and co-workers share each other with Diwali gifts as a gesture of showing love and affection. Apart from this, special and lavish feast with delicious food which essentially includes different varieties of sweets is a special attraction of the occasion.

Diwali Wishes 2019 | Happy Diwali Wishes 2019
Diwali Wishes 2019 | Happy Diwali Wishes 2019

Diwali Wishes 2019

May this Diwali, Come up with Beautiful Beginning, Fresh Hope, Bright Days and New Dreams. Wishing You a Happy Diwali”


“May the Festival of Lights, Full Your Life with the Glow of Happiness and the Sparkle of Joy.”

“Wishing that this Diwali brings prosperity to your business and more opportunities for us to work together!”

“May the lights of Diwali Diyas fill your home with wealth, happiness, and everything that Brings You Joy! Wish you and your entire family a very very Happy Diwali!”

“Wishes You a Very Happy, Bright and Prosperous Diwali!”

“Wish you all a Very Very Happy Diwali and Hope that Every Person Transform from the Darkness to the Happiness.”

“Sky full of fireworks, mouth full of sweets. House full of diyas & heart full of joy.”― We Wish You A Happy Diwali

“Celebrating light, hope and goodness around the world.” ― Happy Diwali

“Light over darkness, hope or despair, and victory of good in the world.” ― Happy Diwali

“Shine like sparkles, glow like candles and burn all the negativity like crackles. Wish you all a very lovely & cheerful Diwali”

“May the festival of lights Illuminate your future.” ― Warm Diwali Wishes

“May you be blessed with happiness and well being to last through the year.” ― Happy Diwali

“Red, blue, green, yellow; not one but all are my favorite. And the most favorite one is the bright colorful lamp of Diwali. Wish you a very colorful & bright Diwali”

“May the brightness of shimmering lanterns always stay in your life & make you bright;”

A festival full of sweet memories, a sky full of fireworks, a mouth full of sweets, a house full of diyas and heart full of enjoyment. ― Happy Deepawali

“May the sweetness of sweets always stay in your life & make you sweet. Wishing you a very prosperous Happy Diwali”

“Open your main entrance door & welcome Goddess Lakshmi whole-heartedly. Hope she will fulfill all your dreams.”  Wish you a very Happy & Wealthy Diwali

“I am sending out the brightest wishes for you & your family on this Diwali. Hope you all have a great year ahead.” ― Wish you all a very Happy Diwali

“May Lord Ganesha fill your life with lots & lots of happiness & peace. May Goddess Lakshmi bring the upmost of wealth in your life. May lord shower the choicest blessings upon you.” ― Wish you a very Happy Diwali

“Your mind & soul will be enlightened; your heart will be purified. And your bond of love will be strengthened. Wish you a very delightful Happy Diwali”

“May your inner light of the self-image be as bright as this candlelight of Diwali.”  Wish you a very Happy Diwali


“Life with you is like diwali, therefore lets promise to be together like that forever.” Wish you a really ‘Advance Happy Diwali’

“May every candle you lit; may every diya you glow; brings lots of prosperity, health & wealth in your life. Wish you a very Prosperous Diwali”

“Happiness is in the air. There is something special about today’s night. Come let’s celebrate together.”― Wish you a very Happy Diwali

“May the joy, cheer, and merriment of this divine festival surround you forever. May the happiness, that this season brings Happy Diwali”

“You are as special & as bright as this beautiful lamp. Go carry your shine wherever you go.” Wish you a very Happy Diwali

May the Divine Light of Diwali spread into your life Peace, Prosperity, Happiness, and Good Health.” ― Happy Deepawali


“This Diwali will bring you a lot of cracker with jaws; firework with happiness & wealth.” Wish you a very Happy Diwali

May thousand of lamps light up your life with endless happiness, richness, health and wealth forever wishing you and your family a very Happy Diwali”


“Let’s celebrate a peaceful, happy & green Diwali. Let’s go green. Let’s save planet Earth by saying no to crackers.”  Happy Diwali


Diwali nights of is full of lights, crackers may your life be filled with colors and happiness.” Happy Diwali to All of You


“Your dreams will come true; your new ventures will flourish this year. You will earn a lot of success this year.”  Happy Diwali

Dear all, Wish u and your family a very happy Diwali & prosperous new year. May God fulfill all your wishes in wealth, health & happiness in your life.” ― Happy Diwali


“May God bless you and your all wishes come true Happy Diwali”

Diwali is a magical time to celebrate with loved ones. May you get to create special memories with the ones you love, this Diwali best wishes”

Diwali Wishes 2019


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