China business down 17.9%- Beijing, 15 August (IANS) | According to the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the scale of the Internet business market in the country has grown tremendously. Internet business grew by 17.9 percent in the first half of 2019. Recently, the Cyber ​​Security Industry Development Center of the Ministry of Chinese Industry and Information Technology and the Chinese Internet Association released the list of the 100 most powerful businesses of the 2019 Chinese Internet business in Beijing. Alibaba, Tencent, Paitu, and Chingtong are among the top ten in the list.

Chang Fung, the head engineer of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the Chinese Industry, said that this year the first hundred powerful Internet enterprises have seen a huge increase in income and dividends. These enterprises worked in the areas of AI and the Internet of Things etc. and promoting the advancement of reconciliation in internet and manufacturing, agriculture and medicine, etc.

Chang Fung said that the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will inspire many Internet enterprises with innovation potential and create an industrialized state of openness.


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