Apple iPhone XS, the price of the iPhone XR in India may be lower. A Reuters report has said many things that would be good news for Indian users.

Now there are dozens of smartphones in every segment of the Indian market, but the love of today’s Apple iPhone is the same. The news is that iPhone in India can be cheap. In India, the company named Foxconn creates top-end smartphones for Apple. According to the report, iPhone XR and iPhone XS to be assembled in India will be available on Bharti stores from next month. According to sources, this report says that due to this the cost of the iPhone XS and the iPhone XR may be lower.

However, Apple has not released any statement yet after this report. At the moment, some approvals continue and after that, Apple’s top smartphone in the market will be available in India at a lower price than in August. Since Apple’s smartphone sales in India have declined, it will not be surprising.

A teaser of iPhone 6s was recently released from Apple India and it was said that it will be made in India. The company is preparing to sell its old models in India and is preparing to sell Made In India tagline so that people can join it and sales can increase. Not just the apple, but all other Chinese companies now do it.

According to a recent report by Reuters, the Honorable High Precision Industry Co. – also known as Foxconn, will be the iPhone X Series Smartphone mounted in Tamil Nadu this year. Apart from this, Apple is a low-end smartphone in India – iPhone SE, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 and units in Bangalore.

Rashbha Doshi, research director of Tech Consultancy Canalis said, “With local production, the apple can work on the margin with the distributor, that is, can reduce the price.”

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