10 MLAs of Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF), the main party of Sikkim, joined the Bharatiya Janata Party in the capital New Delhi on Tuesday. All the other MLAs joined BJP, except former CM Pawan Kumar Chamling, 4 other MLAs. With this, the BJP could not open an account in Sikkim till now, there were 10 MLAs in the court.

The Sikkim Democratic Front ruled the northeastern state of Sikkim for 25 years. BJP executive president J.J. In the presence of P. Nadda and General Secretary Ram Madhav, all the MLAs joined the BJP on Tuesday except the party’s founder and five-time Chief Minister Chamling and 4 other MLAs. The party currently has a total of 15 MLAs. The BJP could not win a single seat in the Sikkim assembly elections, but now the BJP has 10 MLAs there.

SDF was formed by Pawan Chamling in 1993. The party has won all the five assembly elections since then. The party formed the government with an absolute majority in the 1994, 1999, 2004, 2009, 2014 assembly elections. However, the SDF had to face defeat in the elections held this year.

How many seats in the election
Prem Kumar Tamang alias PS, who rebelled from the SDF and formed the Sikkim Revolutionary Front (SKM) in 2013. Gole formed the government in the state, ending the 25-year rule of the SDF. In the 32-seat Sikkim Assembly, the SDF got 15 seats, while the Sikkim Revolutionary Front got 17 seats. A new government was formed under the leadership of Prem Tamang. Currently, the only Lok Sabha seat in Sikkim is also occupied by SKM.

Prem Tamang’s identity in the area Is in the form of a sphere. The SKM ousted the Chamling government from power after being in power for over 24 years. In Sikkim, the maximum number of ministers including the Chief Minister can be 12.

Significantly, after forming the government for the first time in Assam in 2016, the BJP-led NDA formed the North East Democratic Alliance. Chief Ministers of Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Assam including Sikkim were part of this alliance.


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